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The following is a general guide to countries and domain name endings which have relatively unrestricted endings. For these endings, you can generally apply for a domain name without needing a local address or company in the country concerned.

Please note that this list should be regarded as a general guide only - policies change regularly and we only deal with some of these endings very rarely there is a possibilty that new restrictions have been introduced (or that countries that previously had restricted policies are now more open but do not yet appear in this list). We believe this information to be accurate as of May 2001.

<*HEAD*>List of unrestricted domain name endings .ac - Ascension Island
.ag - Antigua and Barbuda
.am - Armenia
.as - American Samoa
.at - Austria
.az - Azerbaijan
.be - Belgium
.bi - Burundi
.bs - Bahamas
.cc - Cocos (Keeling) Islands
.cf - Central African Republic
.cg - Congo
.ch - Switzerland
.co.at - Austria
.co.ck - Cook Islands
.co.gg - Channel Islands - Guernsey
.co.il - Israel
.co.je - Channel Islands - Jersey
.co.ma - Morocco
.co.mu - Mauritius
.co.mz - Mozambique
.co.nz - New Zealand
.co.pn - Pitcairn
.co.ro - Romania
.co.tt - Trinidad and Tobago
.co.uk - United Kingdom
.co.vi - US Virgin Islands
.co.za - South Africa
.com - gTLD
.com.ag - Antigua and Barbuda
.com.ar - Argentina
.com.az - Azerbaijan
.com.bs - Bahamas
.com.dm - Dominica
.com.do - Dominican Republic
.com.ec - Ecuador
.com.fj - Fiji
.com.gd - Grenada
.com.gi - Gibraltar
.com.gt - Guatemala
.com.gy - Guyana
.com.jm - Jamaica
.com.kh - Cambodia
.com.kn - Saint Kitts and Nevis
.com.lc - Saint Lucia
.com.lk - Sri Lanka
.com.lv - Latvia
.com.ly - Libya
.com.mx - Mexico
.com.nf - Norfolk Island
.com.ni - Nicaragua
.com.pa - Panama
.com.pe - Peru
.com.ph - Philippines
.com.pl - Poland
.com.pr - Puerto Rico
.com.pt - Portugal
.com.ro - Romania
.com.ru - Russia
.com.sb - Soloman Islands
.com.sc - Seychelles
.com.tj - Tajikistan
.com.tp - East Timor
.com.ua - Ukraine
.com.ve - Venezuela
.cx - Christmas Island
.cz - Czech Republic
.dk - Denmark
.fm - Micronesia
.gd - Grenada
.gen.tr - Turkey
.gg - Channel Islands - Guernsey
.gl - Greenland
.gs - South Georgia/South Sandwich Islands
.gy - Guyana
.hm - Heard and McDonald Islands
.io - British Indian Ocean Territory
.je - Channel Islands - Jersey
.jp - Japan
.kg - Kyrgystan
.kn - Saint Kitts and Nevis
.kz - Kazakhstan
.li - Liechtenstein
.lk - Sri Lanka
.lt - Lithuania
.lv - Latvia
.ly - Libya
.ma - Morocco
.md - Moldova
.ms - Montserrat
.mu - Mauritius
.mw - Malawi
.net - gTLD
.net.tp - East Timor
.nu - Niue
.off.ai - Anguilla
.org - gTLD
.org.tp - East Timor
.org.uk - United Kingdom
.ph - Philippines
.pl - Poland
.ro - Romania
.ru - Russia
.rw - Rwanda
.sc - Seychelles
.sh - St Helena
.sn - Senegal
.st - Sao Tome and Principe
.tc - Turks and Caicos Islands
.tf - French Southern Territories
.tj - Tajikistan
.to - Tonga
.tp - East Timor
.tt - Trinidad and Tobago
.uz - Uzbekistan
.vg - Virgin Islands (British)
.vu - Vanuatu
.ws - Samoa

A number of these domain name types can be registered online: please see our domain name info page for links to information on requirements and policies, prices and application forms.

For name types not listed on our info page, we can in almost all cases still complete the registration for you. Please contact our sales team and indicate the extensions you are interested in, total number of domains you are looking to purchase, and your preferred currency, and we will forward you a quotation.


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