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Valuing a domain name

We can provide an independent appraisal assessing the potential value of a domain name.

This can be useful whether you are the buyer of seller of a domain name, or just for your interest or to assist in valuing company assets for accounting or taxation purposes or during a business sale.

As a domain buyer, ensure you are not paying too much. Also, ensure you are not offering too little and putting off the seller by giving them a feeling you're wasting their time. In short, put forward an offer in confidence knowing that you are proposing a reasonable price that high as good chance of being regarded as a genuine offer without spending more than you have to.

As a seller, estimate the worth of your domain to help put a "for sale" price tag on it. Or, if you've received an unsolicitied offer to buy a domain name asset, independently check its approximate worth to help you decide how to respond to the potential purchaser: whether to happily accept, hold out for more or just ignore the offer.

How much is an indepedent valuation

An independent valuation is available for AUD$440.00 including GST.

Our report will be prepared and sent to you within five business days.

Comprehensive valuation

Our appraisals use recent real domain name sales and do not rely on very old data series and inflated "dot-com" era boom prices. We'll give a realistic estimate of a likely price in current market conditions.

Appraisils are prepared by domain name industry professionals with considerable experience.

Each valuation is designed to include not just a bottom-line figure (although obviously that's a critical part!) We will also provide useful guidance on what makes up domain name value with weighting given to several factors that affect value. This allows you to get a good understanding of the reasons behind the value in your domain, and also can help you assess other domain names based on similar characteristics so you'll have a better feel for intrisic value.

How to order

To order a domain valuation, we just need to know the domain you're interested in and payment of the appraisal fee of AUD$440 inc GST.

It doesn't matter to us whether this is a domain you already own, one you're interested in buying or third party research. You need not tell us this and all enquiries are treated strictly confidentially.

If you do decide to make an offer to buy a domain name at any point, we can make an offer on your behalf or help you arrange a professional escrow service to undertake the transaction.


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