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Online Ordering with JustNet

We are positively identified for your protection

JustNet's secure server web site contains a certificate issued by an internationally trusted third-party, and this certificate is checked automatically before you enter our secure site.

This happens behind the scenes and is normally transparent. If you are using Internet Explorer, you will notice a closed lock on the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. If you are using a Netscape browser you will notice an unbroken key icon on the bottom left-hand corner of the browser window. Additionally, the start of the web site address changes from http:// to https://. These visual cues confirm you have entered a secure web site.

In the very unlikely event your web request somehow ends up at another web site, your browser will warn you with a pop-up message that indicates the site certificate is suspicious and advising you not to continue.

Your data is encrypted in transit

Virtually all web browsers now support Secure Sockets Layer ("SSL") security. This includes all the Netscape browsers since version 2, and Microsoft Internet Explorer since version 2.1.

SSL provides encryption of your information such as credit card details, which ensures that if your message is somehow intercepted it will be extremely difficult to decode.

If you are concerned only about sending your credit card details over the Internet, we encourage you to complete the online order in the usual way but leave your credit card number blank. We will contact you by other means (e.g. telephone) to obtain your card number.

If you would rather not send any personal information at all via the Internet, you can contact us by any of several more traditional methods.


Stored or transmitted personal data on our network is protected in a number of ways. SSL/TLS is used for collecting personal information from you, using certified, 128-bit keys. Information we exchange between our networks is secured using a minimum of 128-bit SSL encryption. All highly confidential information including all credit card details is additionally encrypted with a minimum 1024-bit public key encryption system such as The GNU Privacy Guard (GNUPG).

Payment Gateways

Once we have received payment information, we utilise only highly reputable services providers for payment processing and maintain strict security. JustNet connects directly to St George Bank Ltd in Australia for processing of credit card transactions by Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard, American Express and Diners Club.

Our payment gateway to St George was built in-house and has been accredited by St George and Ingenico. This GoCommerce system was developed by JustNet and is also available for client use for secure credit card acceptance.

Additionally, we utilise the services of WorldPay, a division of the Bank of Scotland, one of the world's banks and largest payment service providers.

SSL services for clients

Thawte ISP Partner for SSL certificates In addition to our in-house use of SSL, we provide SSL for client web sites we host. While we can support SSL certificates from nearly all certifying agencies we primarily recommend Thawte Consulting and can provide full service for obtaining, installing and maintaining SSL services for clients.


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